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          Thank you, once again, for advising, being patient, and working with me to plan our tours in the Naples area.  It truly was a great trip and Alessandra was a wonderful guide. It was unfortunate that we could not spend more time there.

Naples and Campania

Judy DeStefano

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The other Florence

The other Florence Sketching in Florence, a day itinerary learning how to use our hands, with a sheet of paper and a pencil, to give imagines about the town.

Postcards from Florence, a professional photographer will be your guide along the roads, the squares and the parks of Florence, for a very special itinerary.

Artisans of Florence, a day guided visit to discover some special artisan workshops: marble paper, ancient books binding and restoration, goldsmith.

Taste Italian Language, first, two hours devoted to the base conversation of Italian language: to introduce yourself, to order, to ask information; then, a skilled language extension in a Florentine Restaurant.

The Noble Parks and Gardens, a day guided tour to private gardens and public parks in the old Florence town center.

The Oldest and Hidden Museums, the Medici’s scientific museums: La Specola (Natural History), Anthropological Museum, Science Museum and Planetarium.

Wining in Florence, a special approach to the town along the past wine and food tracks, guided visit and tasting.

The Ancient Shops of Florence, a day guided storica shopping: S.Maria Novella ancient Pharmachy, Pineider paper, Giubbe Rosse Caffè and Andreini ceramic sculptures.

The Chocolate and Pastry Art in Florence, a guided tasting itinerary along chocolate and pastry laboratories.