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          I worked very closely with Andrea and Vinarium Tours http://www.vinaio.com/ throughout the entire 1st part of 2005 while he helped me plan a customized itinerary for 18 people that I put together in the Chianti Ruffina area.

A program in Chianti Rufina

Judi Suarez

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A bike tour in Tuscany

Dear Andrea,

Thank you very much for organizing the most magical bike tour we could have ever imagined.  The Hotels were great and the food amazing!  We also really enjoyed the patience and caring that Bruno displayed towards us.  Some of the hills were pretty challenging and he was amazing!

We also really liked Valentina.  She was an absolutely bright spot in the trip with her smiling friendly face at the end of each major leg of the journey.  Both Bruno and Valentina helped to make this ride an experience none of us will ever forget.  If you need a reference please feel free to use my name and contact information.

Please let Valentina know that we received her message at the hotel and if she is ever in the US to please let us know. :)

Stephanie Cossette