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          Thank you, once again, for advising, being patient, and working with me to plan our tours in the Naples area.  It truly was a great trip and Alessandra was a wonderful guide. It was unfortunate that we could not spend more time there.

Naples and Campania

Judy DeStefano

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A Wedding

Just wanted to put together a proper thank you letter.  I'm so sorry that it's taken so long, however I've been so busy since I got back from my honeymoon.  Please feel free to use any of my correspondence and the photos that you took, to promote your services as I was most impressed with the assistance that I received from you and the team.

This email is to express our gratitude for everything you, Bernadette & Andrea did for our recent wedding. Throughout the entire process, you were able to answer all our questions and provide the information we needed to confidently plan our dream day. I obviously had very specific ideas and every detail was followed exactly as I had hoped for- in fact it far exceeded my expectations.
We knew that Italy was not only beautiful, romantic and also very stylish, however to have our wedding there is something that we and our guests will remember forever.  Our guests still can't believe how grand it all was.
As I've mentioned, every detail of our wedding was perfect.
The wedding ceremony
Having not seen the actual venue before the day of the wedding, I had to trust Bernadette's judgement and I'm so glad that I did.  The Sala Rossa was breathtaking, Palazzo Vecchio & the square was just amazing and the tourists cheering us as we may our way from the ceremony is something that everyone is still talking about.  The service was so personal and for the mayor to thank all 70 of us who attended and tell us how 'well presented' we all were was a touching moment (I think he was shocked at the size of the party).  All the guests felt so included at such an important part of the day.
The car
I know that you went to so much effort to find a car and Andrea managed to find an incredible car- stylish and very English. It was just beautiful (& the driver was most amusing too).
The make up artist
Myself & the bridesmaids felt like film stars, the make up artist did exactly as we asked & my Jason could not believe the transformation (so much so that I think he thought that he was marrying the wrong person!).
The flowers
Wow, Wow and another Wow.  I can not believe how perfect the flowers were.  My wishes came absolutely true and I was delighted with them.  The lily of the valley bouquets & the flower girls headdresses were the best that I had ever seen. In fact one of the flower girls would not put her flowers down until she fell asleep that night and then played with them the next day.
The reception venue
What can I say!! Luigi has a wonderful villa (although mansion seems a better way to describe it) and understandably he is very proud of it.  It is a real treasure hidden away from the rest of the world and we felt honoured to have stayed there for not only the wedding day itself, but the whole week.  Luigi (the owner) and Sonia were most kind (in fact Luigi even presented me with a beautiful bunch of flowers on the day of my wedding- I was most shocked at his thoughtfulness).

The catering
Firstly let me say that Andrea is just wonderful, one of the nicest men that we have ever met.  He was so considerate, charming, calm and friendly that he put me at ease on all occasions.  My guests could not believe the quality of the food, and everything was presented beautifully.  The traditional Italian pig was scrumptious and gigantic.  There was so much to eat & drink that we could have partied forever.  The transformation of the villa into my wedding reception was quite astounding.  The tables, parasols and other equipment made the day so spectacular that it felt like a royal wedding.  The transformation of the villa into my wedding reception was quite astounding.  I don't know how Andrea & his team managed to pull the whole thing off on time.
The music
I only expected one violinist and 'got the works'.  The trio were so talented and they managed to create an ambience that was just perfect for the day.  My mother still thinks that her best moment was sitting in the welcome area with a glass of prosecco listening to classical music.  Combined with the fact that you managed to find some dj equipment so that we could play our favourite tunes was just fantastic.
The staff
The staff were just perfect.  Please thank the very talented chef and all that helped, including Bernadette's daughters. Also my young cousins were most impressed ? with the waiters that stayed very late at our party, they made sure that we all had plenty to drink, the cocktails were potent, so much so that some of our guests were still dancing until 6am.  Everyone had so much fun!
Our wedding day will be an event we will always remember on the grandest scale. We both feel that we were not only fortunate enough to come across your web site, and your services, but we felt that you became our friends.  It is a memory that will last forever and thankfully there are so many photographs and videos that have allowed us to remember every detail.
Our guests are still talking about it and feel that there will never be another wedding quite like it, because it was so unique, beautiful and special. You truly provided an unbelievable service and we wish you lots of love.
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Amber & Jason